Satipo Agrarian Coffee Cooperative LTDA

We are a leading social enterprise with social, economic and environmental responsibility, our work is based on solidarity, democracy and equality values; our main objective is to improve the economy of the coffee and cocoa producers of our communities located on Satipo in the department Junin in the central jungle of Peru.


We work at all times for gender equality, all producing partners are emigrants from sierra region and native people fromethnicity "Ashaninka". We mainly produce Arabica coffee and high quality “criollo” cocoa through agroforestry systems of native and exotic tree species, in ecological zones ranging from 500 to 1.800 meters.


Currently, the cooperative has a total of 633 producing partners of coffee and cocoa, of which 22% are women and 78% are men. Of these producing partners, 468 engaged in coffee, 125 in cocoa cultivation and 40 both crops. 60% of these partners have an average of 4 hectares of land, while 40% of the members have 10 hectares or more of land.